Totally Degradable Plastic Additives (TDPA)

TDPA is an oxo-biodegradable plastic additive which is used in the production of plastic bags, films and other single-use plastics manufacturing. When plastic materials are manufactured by using TDPA, they will degrade and subsequently biodegrade when discarded in soil, in presence of microorganisms, moisture and oxygen at a controlled rate. When combined with reducing, reuse and recycling programs, our EPI's TDPA plays very important role in the reduction of the plastic waste problem in the future. Products made with polyethylene (such as grocery, shopping and garbage bags), have been shown to subsequently be biodegradable into non-toxic end products.



  • Bags (Carrier, Garbage, Food Contact, Mail Order, Wowen and Non-Wowen)
  • Shrink, Cling and Stretch Films
  • Slider Zip Lock Bags
  • Bottles, Containers and Trays
  • Packaging and Wrapping
  • Cutlery, Plates, Cups, Straws
  • Coated Papers and Cardboards
  • Labels and Tapes
  • Bubble Wrap, Loose Fill and Nets
  • Agricultural Films

What are the benefits of plastics with TDPA?

    Plastics containing TDPA:
  • Retain the same physical properties as conventional plastics
  • Convert into controlled lifetime products from manufacture to service life to final disposal
  • Are degradable and biodegradable
  • Are reusable and recyclable
  • Are non-toxic and non-ecotoxic
  • Are food contact compliant with FDA (USA), EFSA (Europe) and CFIA (Canada)
  • May be processed with existing manufacturing equipment
  • Are cost effective
  • Use less landfill space than conventional plastics
  • Help reduce build up of harmful greenhouse gas (methane) in landfills
  • Are scientifically substantiated by world renowned professors and scientists