Methyl Acetate (MeAc or MA)

A solvent which is mild in odour, fast in evaporating & actively dissolve and used with a broad range of adhesive, coating or even ink resins. It’s deemed suitable for application in the fast-evaporating component solvent system. It offers end users with fast dry-to-touch effect especially into dissolving cellulose acetate butyrate, nitrocellulose, vinyl copolymers, acrylics, epoxies, polyamides, phenolics, alkyds, and polyesters base resins. A good choice in the blend of environmentally friendly cleaners.

WHY our Methyl Acetate?

  • Active solvent
  • For coating and ink resins
  • Specially formulated for fast solvent release
  • Excellent for quick dry-to-touch time
  • Provides solution viscosity:
    - Ethyl Acetate > Methyl Acetate > Acetone or MEK
  • Strong Technical Support
  • Good Service Provided
  • Quality Consistency Assurance
  • Certificates provided
  • VOC - exempt, non-HAP, non-ODS, readily biodegradable solvent