• ITP Training- Achieving Results Through Influence and Motivation

    ITP Training- Achieving Results Through Influence and Motivation

    ITP believes that our greatest asset is our colleagues and creating an environment that fosters their growth is our priority. For that reason, we put our effort and resources to organise in-house and outsource trainings every year. Recently, we had our 2-days "Achieving Results Through Influence & Motivation" training on 14- 15th April 2017. Through the training, we enjoyed the opportunity to reconnect with our colleagues, improved our team spirit. Special thanks to Dr. Khoo, we believe that it was very effective training and now, we are full of energy and motivation to serve our customers beyond the expectation.
  • ITP is rewarded with Gold Award in Best CSR by SOBA Awards (17 Jan 2017)

    ITP is rewarded with Gold Award in Best CSR by SOBA Awards (17 Jan 2017)

    We are greatly proud to announce that International Trading Profile is honoured with a gold award in Best CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and been shortlisted for Best Employer Award by SOBA Awards in the ceremony which was held on 17 January 2017 (Tuesday), 8pm at Nexus Ballroom Connexion @ Nexus, Bangsar South City, Kuala Lumpur.

    The Star Outstanding Business Awards are The Star’s awards; recognising up-and-coming enterprises and their contributions to the Malaysian economy. Held for the seventh time, the ceremony recognised Malaysian companies that have had a significant impact on the growth of the nation and economy. MORE than 700 business players gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) at The Star Outstanding Business Awards 2016 (SOBA 2016).

    Employee and society welfare have always been significant topics for ITP. We strongly believe that sustainability isn't just important for the business, but is also crucial for people and the planet. In this sense, ITP strives to put CSR activities to the core of its operations. We hope that we can inspire the communities for the wellness and bring positive impact to the society as well as to the world. For this mission, we sponsor a child in Cambodia for each of our employees and we plan our next company trip to Cambodia to visit them and know them personally. We also work with water piping project with Cambodia Water Association to bring fresh clean water to the poor families in Cambodia. Every year, we organise a day trip for the children from orphanages.These are just a few practices of our mission.

    We look forward to involving in more projects in the future and bring bigger positive impact and inspiration. Our motto is "As we grow, we share"
  • New Logo Announcement (16 Jan 2017)

    New Logo Announcement (16 Jan 2017)

    We are delighted to announce the launch of our new logo as part of the ongoing evolution of our brand. Today, after 9 years, we’re releasing an updated brand identity, which includes a new logo, colours, and font. You’ll see the new look anywhere we’re out in public, like our website, Facebook and Instagram. We believe the new look better matches what we’ve become since 2009: One of the top global market leaders, the provider of reliable and effective supply chain solutions to deliver the sustainable value to all the stakeholders while inspiring the care for communities.

    This new look is an important part of ITP's Strategy and helps us signal to the outside world the transformational change that we are embarked on as we reach out. We think that our new name, logo, and design will provide us with a more consistent brand identity around the world that speaks in a powerful way across all languages and regions. We signal our pride in being a global company with a strong market intelligence and ongoing effective supply chain solutions.

    I am sure that the launch of ITP’s new brand will mark the beginning of a successful new chapter in the growth and impact of our work.
  • ITP was honoured with a Certificate of Appreciation (23 Dec 2016)

    ITP was honoured with a Certificate of Appreciation (23 Dec 2016)

    Cambodian Water Supply Association hosted a General Assembly Meeting on 23 December 2016. Starting with the presentations, the event included an awards presentation honouring the persons and organisations which are taken part in social responsibility projects in Cambodia. As Managing Director of International Trading Profile (M) Sdn. Bhd., William Koh Hai Min has been honoured with a Certificate of Appreciation by Cambodian Water Supply Association for providing the subsidy to 200 poor households in connecting to piped water services in Kandal and Prey Veng provinces, Cambodia.

    Cambodia has been facing water supply issues over decades. A lot of people are the lack of access to the clean water especially in the rural parts and it is a very crucial effect on their health that they have been facing serious health issues. ITP has initiated the pipe project in November 2016 by collaborating with Cambodian Water Supply Association with a purpose to supply piping system for clean water to create equal opportunity in society. We are greatly proud that the project has been carried out with a success. 200 families have gained an access to the clean water in their house.

    We believe that as part of society, we should take the responsibility to inspire a sharing environment. We have started this great mission among our team to encourage each of us to create a better society in which we live and we are looking forward to the new projects coming in. Our motto to pursue this mission is "As we grow, we share!".
  • Company Annual Dinner (10 Dec 2016)

    Company Annual Dinner (10 Dec 2016)

    As International Treading Profile family, we practise "Work hard, Play hard" philosophy. Company activities play an important role in our company culture that we encourage a friendly environment among our colleagues. Every year, we hold a signature annual dinner, oversea trip, outings and monthly birthday celebrations. Company activities are one of our ways to show our appreciation to our colleagues for their quality efforts to sustain our business for years. We are aware that business challenges are evolving continuously in conjunction with our growth, but we feel so lucky and proud that we have a great team to support us in any challenges we face.

    This year, we have gathered on 10 December evening to celebrate one year's hard work. Through our annual dinner, we enjoy the opportunity to reconnect with our friends and former co-workers and to socialise after working hours. It was a marvellous night full of laughs, nice food, nice accompany and nice gifts!

    Thanks everyone!
  • ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Certificate Announcement

    ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Certificate Announcement

    International Trading Profile (M) Sdn. Bhd. is proud to announce that it has received the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Certificate for its Quality and Environmental Management system. The certification was conducted in accordance with the BM TRADA auditing and certification procedures and is subject to regular surveillance audits.

    ITP has been operating under the guidelines of ISO standards for many years, and we believe that the decision to become ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Certified is a proactive decision. Not only anticipates this the demands of the customer, but also fits perfectly in line with the overall “ITP Mentality” and all recent company developments which demonstrate commitment to providing quality services.

    To become certified as ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 compliant, ITP underwent an evaluation process that included quality management system development, environmental management system development, a management system documentation review, pre-audit, initial assessment, and clearance of non-conformances, all of which work to identify corrective actions that eliminate non-conformances in the quality management system.

    The certified scope represents an international consensus on good management practices, policies and procedures with the aim of ensuring that the “International Trading Profile Sdn. Bhd.” is able to provide and perform services that meet the customer’s quality and environmental requirements.

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