SM prices march higher in Europe & Asia

SM on 14th June 2017:

PS on 14th June 2017:

FOB Rotterdam at USD1,135

CFR China at USD1,300/MT

CFR SEA at USD1,165

CFR SEA at USD1,250/MT


Styrene Monomer (SM) prices galloped higher in Asia after few weeks of struggling, a steep rise of USD 115/mt from the previous month.

The price increase was backed by strong buying activity in the region together with higher benzene values. Furthermore, constrained regional product availability has pushed SM prices higher.


SM on 14th May 2017:

PS on 14th May 2017:

FOB Rotterdam at USD1,020/MT

CFR China at USD1,200/MT

CFR SEA at USD1,050/MT

CFR SEA at USD1,170/MT